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turning Tool Products
We distribute the best turning tool products

20 years of professional experience has made us an expert in this field. At present, our agent and distribution products include Japan’s Mitsubishi, Japan’s Kyocera, Austria’s CERATIZIT, and Japan’s OSG taps, and many other brands at reasonable prices.

China's high-quality inserts


inserts product made in CHINA

Compared with well-known brand companies, high-quality products made in China have been tested by customers, with stable product quality, longer service life, and product costs reduced by more than 50%

China's high-quality ENDMILL

Economical and durable end mill

2-4 flutes HRC45-65 end mill

  • ULTRA-FINE PARTICLE BASE MATERIAL, The raw materials are not recycled materials, and the quality is guaranteed
  • ADVANCED SURFACE TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY and Oerlikon Balzers AlCrN (PVD) coating-economical and durable
  • Suitable for processing die steel, cast iron, stainless steel titanium alloy,AEROSPACE, MOLD MAKING, SHIPBUILDING, MACHINING

Aerospace equipment assembly tools

Has a number of patented technologies

China's aerospace industry designated assembly tools

  1. Designated Products of Aviation Industry Corporation of China
  2. Has a number of invention patents
  3. Products certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment
  4. Various aircraft assembly tools