Polymer Acid resistant, alkali resistant, high temperature resistant transparent plastic pipe

12 Advantages of PB

High Chemical Resistance

(Alkaline, Acid, Organic solvents) comparable to PTFE

Low surface tension and high releaseability

Water Repellency makes foreign objects (including liquids )to adhere.

Light Weight and Low density

Least weight in engineering plastics. ½ of PVC, 1/3 of PTFE.

High Transparency

More than 90%. PTFE is not transparent.


Easy to be molded by regular injection molding machine.

Heat Resistance

Thermoplastic with relatively high temperature. Long term usage even in 100 º C environment.

Steam Resistance

Low distortion by water absorption. Small water absorptivity less than 0.01%

Relatively high mechanical strength and high shock resistance

Can offer shock resistant molded plastic parts.

Low refractive index

Comparable to low refractive index glass

Low Dielectric Property

Very stable, thus can be used medical and food application

Food Sanitation

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1/10 of High feature PEEK. 10x of regular grade PP