HSS Threaded Shank Step Drill

Handle structureStep1diameterStep 2 diameterBlade lengthTotal lengthRemarks
threaded shank2~63~815~2535~60

Mainly used in aviation, aerospace industry processing centers, robots to make stepped holes or precision reaming scenes with high
concentricity requirements. The step drill type can choose different cemented carbide materials to make the step drill according to
different processed materials, such as: the processed material is low and medium carbon structural steel or aluminum alloy material,
and the step drill can be XR10SD ZY203EF, etc.; the processed material is Titanium alloy or hightemperature alloy, step drill material
can choose XR10ST
, ZY12F, etc.; processing carbon fiber composite material,step drill material can choose XR09U, ZY202, etc. Step drills
can be made into
twostep or multistep drills as required.

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