• Diameter  12-33.5mm,Depth 1.5D,3D,5D,8D,12D
  • Replaceable drill head
  • The drill head  reserves 1.5-3mm Grinding Amount
  • The handle and the drill head are connected with a saber tooth structure, which solves the problems of positioning and high-strength processing
  • Easy to replace the drill head , no need to remove the handle
    One  holder can install drill head  of different sizes, saving costs
  • Each drill head has 3 grade to choose ,
  • Internal cooling method improves cooling efficiency
  • The super chip breaking design of drill head improves machining efficiency

Machining accuracy :-0.01~+0.05
Surface finish: RA1.6
Processing speed and surface finish are better than ordinary drills


  • Drilling diameters are from 9.5mm to 114.48mm.
  • Max. effective drilling depth can be over 20 x Diameter.
  • Straight and helical groove optional.
  • 8pcs holders can match full 9.5mm to 114.48mm inserts.
  • Double internal coolant holes via rotary cooling adapter.
  • Morse tapper shank.

Modular large diameter deep hole drillING

  • Drilling diameters are from 45mm to 200mm.
  • Configure center pilot drill and two cartridges.
  • Adjustable drilling diameters by 5mm each head.
  • Multichannel internal coolant holes.
  • Double precision fixing positions.


  • Effective drilling depth is 2D-5D Diameter.
  • Drilling diameters are from 13mm to 60mm.
  • Double twisted internal coolant holes.
  • Match with TaeguTec SP WC insert 
  • Configure high strength screw and torx key.
  • Multi function drilling design is available.
  • Full series stocked.